So, let me get this straight, you would rather see two men dead than see them kissing?

I don’t want to write about how queer people have the right to live and be vocal about their sexuality without the fear of being gunned down, because I think that’s fairly obvious. Most of us know that its ‘pride month’ and during this month, around 50 people were killed because they were confident about their sexuality and went to a gay bar to have a good time. A huge crime, right?

I don’t know why I even have to write this post in the first place because I didn’t think that people could be so homophobic and why? Love is love, whether a person chooses to love a girl, a boy or a trans person is none of your business. I think that day was a huge drawback for us; we are humans with no humanity. Personally, I’d rather see two women kissing than two women dead. And when I think about all the people who died and were closeted, I feel disgusted. Imagine your parents getting to know that you’re gay because you died.  

Parents should not have to call their children to see if they’re alive. Most of the people who lost their lives were only 23, and they had so much more to do in their lives, I think about how they were celebrating their life and their sexuality in a place where they thought they would be accepted. I think most of us forget this and that’s why I’m going to say this, a person’s sexuality doesn’t define their whole personality, a person’s sexuality is such a small part of who they are, it only defines what they’d rather be in. If you’re not comfortable with the LGBT community, let me ask you one thing, why? How does the sexual preference of a person concern you in any way?

Too much blood has flown from the wrists of people who were shamed because of who they chose to kiss.

I’m a huge supporter of the LGBT community and I wish I could do more than just write and express my opinions about it, I really wish I could. I just think that everyone should be unapologetic of who they are even if who they are isn’t accepted by our society, because that’s what’s wrong with our society and not you. Individuality is a trait that should be celebrated and not shamed into a corner, be a unique snowflake.


Pride against prejudice.